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Hi, I'm Liz.

I created Tess and her friends to bring the story of the steelpan and steel drums to millennials and young kids, like my 2 year old niece. As part of the Mannette family, with the 90 year old Ellie Mannette as our patriarch, I've been around the steel pan world for a long time (shameless plug for my memoir, Journey to 10, goes here...), and created jewelry and corporate gift items for adult women and men. You can read more at the website

As I say young kids on smartphones and tablets, I felt it was important for the post-millennial generation/Caribbean and Steel Pan Diasporas to learn about the steelpan and all it represents (creativity, ingenuity, perseverance, innovation, making the best out of the worst, etc) in a fun and entertaining way; and to see themselves as participants and not only consumers in the $100 Billion global games market.

So I created the characters of Tess and her friends, wrote the story line, and worked with designers and developers around the world to build these first games. Several other games and apps are in the concept stage. Now I'm looking to build a virtual team to work on growing our portfolio of steel pan inspired games, and launch our first action game by Trinidad Panorama 2017. If you're interested, email liz (at) lizmannette (dot) com. And, if you have comments, ideas, suggestions or anything, you can send to me directly or post on our FB page.

Keep checking here to see the design and development team as we grow.

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  • Liz Mannette

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