Liz Mannette Entertainment


The Pan Emojis are here

Steelpan friends - we can now chat with fun PanEmojis!!! Smile and have fun with our happy red and orange Tenor pan faces. Confused? Nothing says it better than the ditzy Double Seconds. Got the Blues? So do the Bass pan blues brothers. Coming soon to Google Play.


Now that we have caught some of the steelpans, the next step is to ensure her friends know all about steelband music,  about the steelpans, how they're made, the names of those early pioneers and the big steelbands from around the world. There's no one better to help our friends with this than Aunty G; she's a real history buff and she loves to talk to new people and educate them about the steelband.   Here's a fun game Aunty G wants you to play. How fast can you find the hidden steelpan words in this puzzle game.  Available in the App Store and on Google Play.    


The first step in forming this special band is to get all the steelpans together.  Her best friend Cairo agrees. He's a cowbell and knows all about starting a steelband - at least starting the music when a steelband is about to play, and keeping the beat. Tess and Cairo set out to find their steelpans.  Now, some of steelpans on the island are a bit mischievious and tricky. Let's help her by playing the new game, Catch The Steel Pans, which is now available in the App Store and on Google Play.    


A few days ago, Tess started to think it would be great to form her own steelband with her friends. Yes, she plays with her Papa and Mom, and auntie, uncle and her brother and sister in the Family band. But what could be more exciting than having your very own steelband with all your friends to play the music you all love and enjoy. However, she'll need to get more friends.


Tess, The Temor

Tess is a fancy little tenor steel pan who lives on a magical tropical island in the Caribbean.  She loves playing with her friends (you’ll meet them  all very soon), having adventures in the big park called the Savannah,  making music and singing and dancing; especially, singing and dancing.

Tess dreams of becoming a recording star, with hit albums, traveling the world on tour and being under the bright lights. She’s been dreaming of this Washington Nationals jersey wholesale from as far back as her 8 year old mind can remember